About Brian Brolin

Brian Brolin

I love to create.

My entire life has been spent creating things. Sculptures, board games, music… all sorts of things.

When I was a kid, I created haunted houses in my basement and took the neighborhood children on tour. All of them made it out alive (…except little Timmy).

When I was a teenager, I created dozens of humorous (and somewhat demented) short videos. It’s a shame that YouTube wasn’t around back then.

When I was a young adult, I discovered how to create websites. Much like Bob Ross and his joy of painting, I found much joy in web design. Since then, I’ve created all kinds of websites.

Indeed, I love to create.

But even more than creating, I love to share my creations with anyone who might enjoy them.

In the end, I’m really just out to make people smile.  🙂

5 Things About Me You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. I love a good, rare cheeseburger. With mayo.
  2. My music collection is VERY eclectic. It’s not uncommon for my playlists to include Iron Maiden, Shania Twain, The Beatles, Alice Cooper and Phish, among others. I even like that damn MMMBop song by Hanson. (I think I’ve said too much.)
  3. I traveled cross-country on a two-month road trip when I was 20. My friend and I circumnavigated Texas to avoid snakes and speeding tickets.
  4. I’ve been immortalized as an in-game character in the popular PC game World of Warcraft as a tribute to my creation of WarcraftPets. The character is a female gnome. Aside from my underwhelming height, we bear little resemblance.
  5. I love to game. Board games, card games, video games… you name it. I’m always up for a game of something — especially “Texas hold ’em” with no pot limit and a bunch of newbies. 😉


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